Top 5 Ways to Boost Smartphone Performance

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Top 5 Ways to Speed-Up Your Device

If you use a budget phones which performs very well initially but starts to have some problems like Average Performance or getting hang in between some operations. Then you are at a right article to boost Smartphone Performance.

Here we shall discuss 5 ways which help you in speeding up your device. We recommend this ways for smartphones with average RAM and Average Processors.

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1) Minimise Animation Scale

First of all you need to activate Developer Option from Settings. Follow steps given below to activate Developer Option.
Settings > About Phone > Build Number

Keep on tapping on Build Number to activate Developer Option.

Now, browse for Animation Settings in Developer Menu. Minimize or turn off all Animation Scales.

This will reduce the animations of apps while opening, closing and switching in between the apps. This will though minutely will increase speed.

2) Remove Live Wallpapers and Widgets

We recommend you to remove live wallpapers and some heavy widgets if using. Live wallpapers keeps on consuming little amount of RAM and run in background too. This adds some extra efforts on processor.

If you really want to boost the Smartphone Performance then turn off Live Wallpaper. Be sure to keep your Mobile Home Screen Clean.

3) Use High Speed SD Card

One of the main reason for slow speed of Smartphones is not sufficient Storage. In order to keep processors free, Free-Up the Internal Storage.

We are not saying to delete important documents or Photos or Videos but To move them to SD Card i.e. External Memory Card. This will Free-Up your internal memory which will eventually increase performance.

4) Uninstall Unwanted Apps

It is seen that there are many people who keeps way big and too many apps on their smartphones which has little low RAM. This Apps keeps on consuming storage and RAM and results into slow Performance.

Uninstalling unwanted apps will give you a better look to your drop menu and Speed up your smartphone too.

5) Cache Files

This a simple way to boost Smartphone but is not used by many of us. According to Android Developers, More than 58% Users never delete Cache Files.

Basically, Cache Files are type of Junk Files which has no significant use in our system. Clearing them will not affect your smartphone but definitely will improve your performance.

Deleting Cache files will boost the processing of apps. System will not take much time to render app while opening.

To Sum Up

This are some genuine ways which will surely help your smartphone performance to boost.
1) Minimize Animation Scale
2) Remove Live Wallpapers and Widgets
3) Use External Memory card
4) Remove Unwanted Apps
5) Clear Cache

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