Instagram to launch 'Take A Break Feature'


Instagram to launch 'Take A Break' Feature

Instagram has came up with a new testing for its users. It will help users to control their addiction. A pop-up window will appear which will ask you to take break from scrolling.

According to Instagram Head Adam Mosseri, This Feature is under testing with limited number of users. This feature will be available to all in early December.
If you enable this feature Instagram gives you message to take a break from the platform after you spent a specific time like 10, 20 or 30 Minutes.
And if you opt-out for this feature then you will not receive any notification.

Head Adam further added, Instagram will encourage users to do other stuffs like listening their favourite songs, Doing some excercise like Breathing Deeply. This feature will enhance Instagram experience by providing users the tools.

Take A Break feature of Instagram is very much similar to Digital Wellbeing, a platform provided by hoogle which reminds users after spending specific time.

There are some features of smartphones which do not allow to remind users like, Zen Mode on OnePlus and Focus Mode on IOS. Though this feature was launched for more focus on a activity.

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