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Taiwan says, It does not seek Military conflict though Rise in concerns of Chinese Invasion.

US Nuclear Submarine collides with an unknown object in South China Sea. No Life Threatening damage.

Centre Government of India Says 'India Ready to tackle rise in 5 lakh COVID-19 Cases a day.' India has seen rise in COVID cases as Festival of Navratri begins.

Japan Experiences an Earthquake of 6.1 Magnitude. Epicentre was in North-western Chiba. NHK said, 'There is no danger of Tsunami'

Former US Advisor : No More Assistance should be provided to Pakistan.

Earthquake in Baluchistan kills 22 and injures around 300. Magnitude of Earthquake was 5.9

Two Scientists Wins Nobel Price for Developing a tool for Building Molecules. Scientists : Benjamin List and David MacMillan.

NASA-SpaceX Crew capsule gets name - 'Endurance'. Indian-American Astronaut is part of this mission.

Existence of Ancient River on Mars, Confirms NASA's Rover Images.

NASA has shared a video of Saturn and Saturn's Moons Parade. This clip has amazed peoples.

Squid Game, An Netflix Sensation has became a global phenomena. Squid Game is trending on internet.

Amazon announces Great Indian Festival every Friday only for Prime Members.

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