WhatsApp to stop its service to Android OS below 4.0.4

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WhatsApp to stop its service to Android OS below 4.0.4

WhatsApp will be stop supporting to Android Devices which has Operating System 4.0.4 or older from November 1, 2021.
While IOS users need IOS 10 or Newer Operating System.

WhatsApp has announced this announcement and asked users to backup their chat and switch to compatible version. WhatsApp automatically backups your data depending on your settings.
Users can periodically backup data and sync with Google Drive. This feature enables us to uninstall and reinstall WhatsApp without fear of chat loss.

How To Backup Chat in WhatsApp ?

1. Open WhatsApp settings
2. Chat
3. Chat Backup
4. Backup

How to Export Chat History ?
This feature allows is to export chat of individuals or of a group.
Steps :
1. Open a Chat or a Group
2. Tap More options
3. More
4. Export

Chat How to Restore Chats ?

In some cases, Like change of a smartphone or format there are chances you need to restore chats.
This can be done by following steps :
1. Reinstall WhatsApp
2. Verify your number
3. When asked, Tap Restore
4. Tap Next, Chat will start displaying once initialisation is complete.

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