Tesla Market Cap Reaches $900 Billion


Tesla Market Cap Reaches $900 Billion

Tesla had reached the market cap of $900 Billion as it's Shares show a remarkable rise in prices. With this remarkable rise Tesla's capitalisation has reached to almost $1 Trillion.

This Morning touched the stock of Tesla to $903 Billion, which makes Tesla the sixth largest listed company in US. It's valuation is $14 Billion less than that of Facebook whose is $917 Billion.

Though this period was tough for Tesla as it faced some Semiconductor shortage in third quarter but still it managed to achieve record breaking profit.

Tesla is an American based Electronic car company. Model of this cars is eco-friendly. Tesla has sold 500,000 units in just 2020 which far ahead of sells in 2019.
In 2019, Tesla sold 190,000 units.
Tesla Model 3 was the most sold Electric Car by Tesla. It is estimated that there were almost 365,000 sells in 2020. This car worth about $10,000

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