Terrorist Attack on Lawmaker David Amess

Terrorist Attack

Terrorist Attack on Lawmaker David Amess

David Amess, member of parliament of southern West of UK and lawmaker was stabbed to death using knife as a weapon. Police said this was terrorist attack. The attacker carried plan alone and no other person was connected to death of David Amess. Event took place at church on Leigh-on-sea east of London

David Amess has been member of parliament of Southern West of UK since 1997 and lawmaker since 1983. He was one of officers to serve longest tenure in House of Commons. He was most reputed officer of England. Queen Elizabeth 2 knighted David Amess in 2015 for his great work in law-making and service to government.

 David was honoured with Sir David after contributing a lot of UK. Flags were half lowered as tribute to David Amess death and questions on security of government officials. 

Police reported it as Terrorist Attack. Attacker repeatedly knifed David Amess making extreme wounds. Efforts were made to save David Amess from wounds of knifed but not succeed. The weapon of attack, knife was recovered and attacker is under custody. 

The attacker was linked to Islamic extremists as per officers. The attacker was 25 years old person which was arrested and investigated soon after event.

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