Taliban warns US 'Not to Weaken Regime'


Taliban warns US 'Not to Weaken Regime'

Taliban warns US and says Not to do anything to Weaken regime of Afghanistan. Further said Afghanistan is attempting to re-establish the rule after 20 years after Islamist were driven out of US invasion. The words looks more like warning.

Mr Muttaqi , Taliban Minister said that It is good for World to establish good relationship with Afghanistan and help each strengthen their regime. He then added to cooperate with US to vaccinate Afghanistan but to this words no sure comment or action was taken by US. Mr Muttaqi added Afghanistan is going through tough time and not to increase more problems and look into Internal matter without our permission and therefore Weaken Taliban rule and disturb peace.

Face-to-face Talks between US and Taliban were held for governing good foreign policies and relations not only with US but the entire world

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