Squid Game is Now Most watched Netflix series


Squid Game is Now Most watched Netflix series
Squid Game
Image by Netflix

Squid Game

Squid Game is a popular Korean drama Netflix series which is now most watched series on Netflix with 111 Million views in First Month. Squid Game involves child game with elimination as death made people from all parts of world to watch this series.

Squid Game released on 17 September and later dubbed in other languages. Squid Game began to trend on Internet as soon as it  was available for users to watch. Plenty of memes on social media were created and popularity of Squid Game spread like wildfire. Most of users saw this web series after it's popularity and scenes on varies social media. If you have not watched Squid Game yet but you must definitely watched some of scenes or memes related to it.

Squid Game broke the record of most views on Netflix by overtaking Bridgerton which had over 82 million views in a month. Squid Game has 111 Million views making top of this list by 30 million more views than any its competitive. Squid Game depicts story of 456 people who were in debt or financial issue who had no choice other than to play Squid Game. There are 6 rounds in Game Squid. Last round chooses only one winner.

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