China's Shenzhou-13 Carried out Longest Crewed Mission

Space Shuttle

China's Shenzhou-13 Carried out Longest Crewed Mission

Shenzhou-13 has successfully carried out longest crewed mission with three docks. The event took place on Saturday. China made record and step foot ahead to become Space super power.

Three dock members blasted off at midnight from Gobi Desert of China around (16:00 GMT). Later it was announced that crew members will spend around 6 months in Space at Tiangong Space Centre. Space agency announced mission to be success and crew said ' we are in good shape '

This mission is considered to last twice the previous mission of 90-day visit. All the necessary task like setting up equipment,  testing equipment and technology is to be carried out by three crew members at Tiangong Space Station.

Commander of Space mission, Zhai Zhigang , a former filot took first spaceealk in 2008 reported that crew members will have to carry out more complex tasks than previous mission and it is challenging for them. Second crew member is Wong Yaping, the first women from china to travel to space and second women to go space in 2013.

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