Scary Movies for Halloween 2021

Scary Movie

Scary Movies for Halloween 2021

Want to find best New Horror Movies for Halloween, You're at the right place. Get the Popcorns and Turn off Lights and get ready for Top 10 Scariest Movies for Halloween 2021.

List of Scary Movies

10. Grave Encounters

Grave Encounters is an Paranormal Activity based films directed by Vicious Brothers. This film is best to show as it contains the hunger of grave revenge.

9. Annabelle (2014)

In this movie, A house is been attacked by some strangers who had used a Doll to conduit their life miserable. This is best film of Paranormal activity. IMBD rating 5.4/10

8. The Conjuring (2013)

In this Movie a family shifts to a warehouse where they starts to face some unusual activities. After they ask help to two Paranormal Activists. IMBD : 7.5/10

7. The Shining

Jack and his family moves to a isolated hotel which brings them some unusual problems. IMBD : 8.4/10.

6. 1408

This movie is about a person who is a specialist in paranormal activities and do not believe in ghosts. Later he founds about a hotel where 56 people have been killed in room 1408. IMBD : 6.8/10

5. The ring

This movie is about a journalist who finds about a tape. This is a mysterious tape if listened to this that person is ought to get killed in 7 days. Check out movie to know more. IMBD : 7.7/10

4. Sinister

Movie is about a writer who never wrote a good book. But he decides to write a mind-blowing book. He starts to live in a house where the family was mysteriously killed. He starts to face haunted activities. IMBD : 6.8/10

3. Insidious

This is an Horror Mysterious Thriller Movie. A family who is haunted by a demon. Check out more about this Movie by watching it.

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