Salmonella outbreak linked to onions


Salmonella outbreak linked to onions

Salmonella outbreak has infected many people and onions are linked to salmonella outbreak. Over 652 people have been infected with salmonella growing mysteriously. As per report by Centre for Diseases Control and Prevention.

Salmonella Orangeburg has spread to 37 different States in US on present Thursday 21 October. Food Safety Alert had given direction to throw out onions if you don't know from where they are grown.

Onions are linked to Salmonella Outbreak causing more spread. Report suggests that numbers of infected people will increase as more cases are encountered. 

The cases of Salmonella Outbreak were first observed in mid-September and slight decline was observed till some weeks.
Later on cases are observed to increase more rapidly than before. The red, yellow or white onions were important from various parts of Mexico ,Chihuahua to local grocery stores and restaurants.
As per CDC, it suggests people to reduce or avoid onions from consume if they are not known location from where it is grown. 

Salmonella Outbreak in 37 States of US

Salmonella Outbreak is now spread to 37 different states of US causing more cases to occur.
Most possible cause estimated is to be Onions still exact reason is not known.

Texas - 158 Salmonella cases ( most cases observed)
Oklahoma - 98 Cases
Virginia - 59 cases
Maryland - 58 cases
Illinois - 37 cases
Wisconsin - 25 cases
Minnesota - 23 cases
Missouri - 21 cases

Other states have 15 or less number of Salmonella cases.

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