Russia stole AstraZeneca formula for making Sputnik V, Says Report


Report says, Russia stole AstraZeneca formula for making Sputnik V

According to report from The Sun, Russian spies officers have stolen the jab formula of Oxford/AstraZeneca's and used it to create Sputnik V.
UK's security services made statement saying, they have solid proof of stealing of Blueprint and confidential information of AstraZeneca by Russian Spies.

Sputnik V uses similar mechanisms as of AstraZeneca. But Sputnik V has denied all this claims saying "Another fake News based on Anonymous Sources." Sputnik further added we never expected from United Kingdom's Government to spread fake news and allegations. They must protect reputation of Astra Zeneca.

Efficiency rates

Sputnik V

Efficiency rate of Sputnik is 97% which has been achieved in UAE. But Sputnik V is yet to be approved from WHO emergency use.
Russia Direct Investments Fund says, Sputnik is approved by 70 countries.

Astra Zeneca

Efficiency rate of Astra Zeneca is 82%. In contrast to Sputnik V, Astra Zeneca is approved by WHO for emergency use.


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