Ruby Rose fires from Bat woman after getting injured on set.

Bat woman

Ruby Rose fires from Bat woman after getting injured on set.

Ruby Rose has made all alleges that she was fired from role of Bat woman after getting serious injury on set. She alleges Warner Brothers. She announced this incident on social media app Instagram. 

Ruby Rose was injured on set that caused serious injury and she had to go through surgery for two herniated discs. After that Ruby Rose was threatened to replace her Warner Bros.

Ruby Rose also announced that one of crew member was fired after he was injured from third-degree burns. Ruby also alleges that filming of Bat woman was suspended during pandemic until orders to shut down local filming set from government were made.

Ruby Rose also asked fans to stop convincing or asking to join Bat woman for some amount money.
She also said that they have ruined the previous Bat woman lead character Kate Kane and not me Ruby Rose. She further said that she will have her rights back after getting threatens and bullied Tactics from Warner Bros. Production

Warner Bros. to this alleges specified and made clarity that the alleges are wrong. They stated that she was fired from Bat woman due to her bad behaviour complaint from many people from set.
The complainant used to get every time so Warner Bros had to take this decision to fire Ruby Rose as Bat woman.

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