Ratan Tata Welcome AIR INDIA back

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Ratan Tata Welcome AIR INDIA back

Tata company has bid and brought Air India Airlines. To this action, Ratan Tata tweeted Welcome Back Air India. Due to debt-laden Air India was bid and Tata company made Air India Company part of Tata company after bidding highest amount.

 The Air India was started by Tata Company in 1932 as Airlines for domestic purposes and later in 1953 this Air India Airlines were nationalized into two parts as Domestic and International Airlines.

Tata company has winning bid of rs18,000 crores. Government will get about rs2,700 of Sale of Air India Airlines to Tata Company.

 Ratan Tata also said that it will take considerable effort to build Air India Airlines as it has debt of rs60,000 and it loses over rs20 crore everyday.
Government had announced that. Tata Company won after bidding highest amount. 

In 2009 government had made fast forward decision to gain stability and profit and overcome loses after years of lose. For this purpose the State Bank of India were appointed. 

 In 2018, government decided to sell Air India Airlines and to this decision to of major companies showed interest to buy Airlines. 
One of it Tata Company under Ratan Tata and other bidder company was SpiceJet of Ajay Singh.
To this event, Ratan Tata shared image of his with Air India Airlines and proudly announcing it to be part of Tata Company which was its founder company since it was started.

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