Justified : An Critical Appraisal of Planet Nine


Justified : An Critical Appraisal of Planet Nine

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Planet 9 is an Hypothetical Theory which says there is an Planet Nine in Our Solar System, which has an elongated and unusual orbit beyond Neptune. This theory was put forth by Caltech Astronomer Konstantin Batygin and Mike Brown in 2016.
While studying the Kuiper Belt, Astronomers predicted the possibility of Gravity of an undiscovered planet far beyond the Dwarf Planet Pluto. Kuiper Belt lies between the Neptune and Oort Cloud.

Studies Published in Astronomical Journal

According to an Study Published in Astronomical Journal and Study based on Mathematical Calculations and Compounding :
  • Planet-9 Maybe 10 times the Mass of Earth
  • Planet Nine Maybe Orbiting Sun 20 times farther than compared to Neptune
  • Would take about 10,000 - 20,000 years for one Orbit around Sun.
According to an another Study Published in Astronomical Journal, It was noted that an Trans-Neptune Object called BP519 was once disturbed by Planet Nine's Gravitational Force. But later some said it may be an Physical Effect.

How to Find It ?

Dr Brown came with an Treasure Map to find Planet 9. He stated in a tweet, "The data only tells us the orbital path, No where in the orbital path it is. It is more likely to be at its most distant point from the Sun, But only because it travels more slowly there. But this is where you should be looking."
Though there may be chances of Planet 9 but all are not convinced with this theory.

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