Oil Exporter Saudi Arabia targets zero carbon emission by 2060

Saudi Arabia

Oil Exporter Saudi Arabia targets zero carbon emission by 2060

Top oil exporter country Saudi Arabia targets to produce net zero carbon emission by the year 2060.
Further it will be doubling the target annually and reduce carbon emission as much as possible.

To curb climate change Saudi Arabia has made this decision by taking major tasks like making stable flow of oil in global market and understanding importance of Hydrocarbons and their use in tackling carbon cycle flow.

Saudi Arabia prince Mohammed bin Salman has taken this decision in the meeting with oil exporting country group OPEC.

The meeting about Saudi Green Initiative (SGI) under UN conference. Lowering carbon emissions leads to lower rate of global warming making all the countries free from global warming effects.

Some of targets has been estimated has been put forth and effort will be made to completing them in their respective time.
Cutting of 20% methane gas is to be completed in 10 years for the tenure from 2020 to 2030.

The United States as well as European countries has step forward for supporting this good cause.

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