Japanese New Prime Minister - Fumio Kashida


Japanese New Prime Minister - Fumio Kashida

Japanese elections have been ended with the rise of a new face for the country of Japan with Fumio Kashida as their new Prime Minister. He is the third Prime Minister elected in this one year. He belongs to Japanese party Liberal Democratic Party (LDP)

Fumio Kashida ( Present Prime Minister of Japan ) was Japnese Foreign Minister beat the opponent Taro Kano with the close votes of 256-255.  With this victory, Fumio Kashida is now 100th Prime Minister of Japan.

Fumio Kashida has become third PM after the Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga , the ex-prime minister of Japan who was likely unpopular among their country. 

Fumio Kashida and Foreign Affairs

Fumio Kashida has made their major issues with Change in little foreign affairs policy to strengthen the relationship between Quad countries namely UK, Australia, India and Japan itself. 

As Fumio had managed foreign affairs for last term it had good impact over their relationships with Quad countries and making good foreign policies. Fumio Kashida has decided to make stable trading with foreign countries so trying to create good relationships with China and neighbours. 

With this relations Japan and China now are bigger and largest trading partners. Trade may increase with this policy.

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