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Mexican Restaurant

If your food lovers then Mexican food is best treat for you. Mexican food is delicious, tasty and spicy to make your mouth fill with water.

Mexican city has some of its traditional food of which Mexican cuisine is favourite among all.
Being traditional people usually love the taste.

Beside Mexican cuisine there are some other favourite Mexican food which are popular now-a-days and you will find this dishes served in every restaurant you visit. Many tourists try our Mexican food and they simply love it. 

Mexican Restaurant If you live in Mexico, here are some of best restaurants to buy your favourite dishes from home.

This restaurant are famous for their quality of taste and some traditional dishes that people love to eat again and again. I bet you cannot resist yourself if you try out food from this restaurant once.

1. Restaurant Pujol
Mexican Restaurant 1

Pujol is renowned and one of best restaurants in Mexico city. It has over 100+ quality dishes that will make you fall in love with food.

Popular meal offered here is taco Omakase. Highly professional chefs are maker of food. Some of dishes are so unique that people have never heard the name but now their favourite food meal is now.

If you have plans to visit Mexico try Pujol Restaurant as it is my personal favourite too.

2. Máximo Bistrot Restaurant
Mexican Restaurant

By restaurant you may understand its popular food dish. Bistro-style foods are special dish here.
Máximo Bistort shows good variety to food depending upon season and festival. Special dish are served on this occasion.

This restaurant is different in terms of food but most people find to be more unique to try out traditional and seasonal food according to occasions.
It has large menu which will amaze you with its quality of food service.

3. Restaurant Nicos
Mexican Restaurant

This restaurant was started during slow food movement and has variety of new dishes. It also has some of dishes of about mid of 19th century.

Most of old people prefer to eat such dishes on special occasions.
People review it as it makes them feel and remember childhood after eating dishes that they used to eat earlier.

It has recipes that are traditionally making more to love Mexican restaurant.
If you want to try out some of dishes that should make you say tasty food, you should try this Restaurant out. 

4. Bar El Sella
Mexican Restaurant

Originally its a bar but food here served attracts people to feel food as restaurant. Bar El Sella is Traditional and classic Restaurant of Mexican city.

Dishes like Chamorro is most famous food dish of this restaurant.
People also love to order some other dishes which are quite on high demand due to its chef that makes it more spicy and tasty for customers.

Some of most frequently dishes are Jamon serrano and braised octopus. The service here served is also appreciated by food lovers.

5. El Hidalguense
Mexican Restaurant

Some of meat lover people has found best food spot to enjoy food. The fresh meat of goat and sheep is transported from Hilado.

People love the meat presented to them. The covering of spicy and delicious food makes it more attractive.

The onions, leaves and others decorative things enrich the taste of food. Not only meat but other dishes here are popular.

You may prefer best with tortilla like Indian food dishes. People love the way food is prepared.

6. Loup Bar
Mexican Restaurant

Being bar, it also fulfils the requirements of Restaurant. Loup bar not only served best quality of wine but also prepared food.

The wine is imported making it expensive but truly its worth of it. Importers are France and Spain.

Talented chef can make European food as well as local Mexican food for their customers.
Variety of food in menu is available making it one of favourite spots for parties. People enjoy the food with wine and makes the dinner a special day of life.

7. El Califa
Mexican Restaurant

This restaurant is favourite spot for beef food dishes. Beef is readily presented to you with cheese and sauce over it.

The smell that comes makes you more hungry than before. Dessert here are good.
All the kinds of meat dishes are served including some special dishes on you demand.

The food here is not so expensive but you will not regret after eating food from this restaurant. Chef has quality of make best beef food with tortillas crushed in white flour and other food.

Some of vegetarian dishes are also served with love. More people are preferring this restaurant after trying it out once.

8. Restaurant Limosneros
Mexican Restaurant

If are ready to spend money for special dinner with family or friends then this restaurant is for you.

The special menu contains drinks that are imported as well as classics one. You will have options to drink nearly all types of drink that can be found in Mexican city.

Its simple spot for wealthy people having good time with food. The dishes of Rabbit with soup makes it more fabulous and adding more hunger by its smell.
Trying this restaurant is best way to tour in you are in Mexico.

9. Taqueria El Greco

This restaurant has Arab style special meal for meat and amazing way of making Tortillas along with heavy crowd for dinner.

The restaurant is not to expensive but its quality of food drives people here for more than one times.
Most people here order food from home and enjoy with family. Review of restaurants is great to hear.

10. Los Cocuyos

Any food dish with tortillas and spice of tomato and onions over it is simply good way to make people's mood fresh.

The gravy with fine cut pieces of meat can make your water with strong feel of hungry.
Restaurant being expensive but most people revisit here due to its cool serving techniques and quality of food.

Try having breakfast or dinner. You will simply fall in love with it.

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