India Becomes The Country with Highest Crypto Owner

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India Becomes the Country with Highest Crypto Owner

Crypto currencies have started gaining fame despite its volatility. Demand for Crypto currencies increased as many Billionaires started investing in it.
Elon Musk which once was the richest man on Earth is an investor in well-known crypto currency called Dogecoin.

Despite the fact that government has not accepted it, Many of us have started investing in Cryptos.
Though there is no governmental guarantee and legal authority to control over it, Cryptos have managed to gain popularity and People started faith and investing in Crypto Currency.

There are some reports released by many publications out of which one is of
BrokerChooser, a Broker discovery and comparison platform.
According to a report by
BrokerChooser, India has over 10.07 crores owners which Makes India he Country with highest number of Crypto Currency. This means almost 7% of Indians own a Crypto Currency. United States of America stands in 2nd place in this list with 2.7 crores owners and Russia on 3rd with 1.74 crores Owners

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