Increase in Suicides among Children in Japan


Suicide rates among children in Japan increased due to pandemic

Since pandemic, Suicide rates among elementary to high school student has increased. So far 415 children have given up their lives according to survey provided by Education Ministry of Japan. The suicide rates of Children under 18 years has seen growth increase this year. 

The suicide were first majorly took place in 1974. Thereafter rates claimed the graph but Japan took major steps and was able to minimum suicide attempts of children. It has decreased rates to 40% from last 15 years.  In 2021, the rates has broken record of last four decades and seen most attempt in history. This was reported by Asahi Newspaper on Thursday. 


Behind suicide attempts are loneliness, shame and dishonour. This made some of children to give up their lives. Japan in terms of suicide rates has topped the list of seven nations. Still Japan making effort to lower rates as much as possible. Due to COVID pandemic, more women have given up their lives than men due to emotional and mental stress. Financial issues was also one of reason that made them to give up their lives.

Due to lockdown, there is considerable change seen between behaviour of children. The environment for children necessary for social growth was not preferable to children making them emotionally weak. The education of ministry reported to have more than 1,96,000 students to be absent from school in last 30 days due to pandemic. This shows how children are impact in this situation.

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