How Facebook Deals with Hate Speeches ?

Facebook is an Online Technology based Social App. One of the main purpose of Facebook is to connect people, Apart from this it is used to share opinion and to Criticize Government policies. But some use this platform to spread hate speech.

Facebook is very responsive to sensitive data. If it founds that post to be violation of policies it is immediately removed.

Facebook claims Hate Speeches Reduced by 50% in last 9 months.

Facebook has claimed that they have observed reduction in hate speech by 50% in last 9 months. Some reports says, Facebook's machinery to remove hate speech is not very strong. But Facebook disclaims this statement.

Facebook said, They don't want any hate speech on their platform. They want to keep friendly environment for its advertisers. Recent reports of Facebook says, Hate speech prevalence have seen decline by 0.05% or 5 Views per 10,000 views on Facebook.

Facebook says, Prevalence is very important so to check out how hate speech is actually seen on Facebook.

How Facebook Deals with Hate Speeches ?

Facebook described that Content Removing is only thing that work against Hate Speech spreading. But Facebook has to be very confident before removing such content.

If something is a Hate Speech but Facebook is not confident about it, then it will reduce content distribution.
It will show that post to lesser people. That post will will not be suggested to even those who follow that page or group.

Facebook Automatic Removing Content AI

Facebook has excellent technology which can automatically remove hate speech content. But Facebook says it can remove the content which isn't a hate speech.
Facebook need to protect such people who try to condemn hate speech or shares their opinion or describes hate speech.

In 2016, Facebook has removed Content which was reported. But Facebook wants yo be better. Therefore Facebook has Technology which can detect Hate Speeches and flag it out without being reported by anyone.

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