Financial Impact of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp Outrage ?

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What was The Financial Impact of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp Outrage ?

5th October, Monday biggest Outrage of Facebook which lasted for almost six Hours. Sources says outrage was a outcome of misconfiguration into Facebook's servers which did not allowed users to connect to servers.
This outrage left staff of Facebook into grave trouble. Staff were not able to enter building of servers as the cards were too connected to server.

Though Facebook is now back online but Outrage had a severe impact on Facebook's  finances.

1) Based on calculations of Facebook's revenue, it is estimated that Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp collectively lost about $100 Million Dollars.

2) As Facebook was down, Many of us thought to give up Facebook shares. And as a result 4.9% shares were given up. Which worth about $47 Billion.

3) According to a report, Outrage caused dip in annual revenue of about $6 Billion which made Mark Zuckerberg to slip below Bill Gates i.e. rank to 5

4) There are more than $10 Million advertisers in Facebook which contributes to about 98% of it's revenue. Outrage may have Frustrated them.
There are 70 Million ad sales every Six hours. Facebook announced no ads will be charged during outrage. This may help to get back all lost advertisers.

5) As Facebook is a Trillion company, There was dip in Global Economy. Facebook has Impacted global economy which shows a dip of $160 Millions per hour ( According to Netblocks )

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