Facebook bans Vicious Organizations | Secret List Leaked


Secret list of Facebook leaked | Facebook Banned Vicious Organizations

Facebook leaked secret list of organisations and individuals which are Threatening, dangerous and Vicious. Some of this are from India. This list was leaked on intercept on Tuesday. There are 10 dangerous, terrorist, extremist organisations from India which has over 4,000 people banned by Facebook and does not allow them to use their platform.

The list contains half of organisations and individuals from Southern, Eastern Asia and Muslims. This organisation violates Facebook policies and thus are not compatible to regulate on social media like Facebook. 

Facebook has three tiers to categorize group. Tier 1 contain least restricted groups while tier 3 contain most restrictions group which are most targeted and suspects of Facebook company. 

Facebook on this event and action clarified that We don't want any group that spread hate or terrorist among people using social media as source. We maintain our policy so strict action is taken and content was removed as well as such dangerous groups were banned forever from Facebook.

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