Europe reports most COVID cases last week

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Europe reports most COVID cases last week

According to WHO, Europe has reported most COVID-19 deaths last week.
World Health Organization (WHO) have expressed concerns over reporting highest number of COVID cases in Europe in Last Week.

WHO expressed, there was rise of 18% in new cases, a fourth consecutive weekly increase. While there is an upsurge of 14% in deaths.

According to WHO, US had highest number of cases (513,000) followed by England (330,000) and Russia (250,000).

All this countries have started experiencing surge in COVID infected patients, Russia have decided to go through lockdown from 30 October to 7 November, While Britain Government has not announced any restrictions yet.

Reasons for up surging in COVID cases

WHO said, There are several factors responsible for increasing in COVID-19 cases, one of which is low vaccinations rate.

According to Al Jazeera, Ukraine has vaccinated only 7 Millions out of 41 Millions. Russia has vaccinated 36% of its population with only one dose.
Another reason to this may be the efforts for reviving tourism which cause surge in cases and deaths.

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