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Earn Online

Earn Money Online

In this article we shall discuss how to Earn Money Online. But, What is speciality of this post ? Well, I will not tell you to become A Instagram Influencer or start giving Survey or start YouTube channel. This type of works are difficult and pay-out is too Low.
Here I would tell you 5 types of work which can be done by almost all of us.

1. Earn by Listening to Music

Yes, You read it correctly. You have to just listen your favourite music and get paid.
You need no instruments, no fees or membership. It's all free.
What you need to do is to listen and review songs. You get paid for reviewing songs and music.
This are the websites which pays you :

Some of you may like to create your own playlists. This website pays you to create your own playlists of music.

2. Earn by playing Games

Well, this is not MPL or any other fantasy games, This are little different.
There are many game developers who upload their games to test. So you have to play games here and give your feedback and reviews and Earn.
This websites can pay you up to $150 per hour. For this you don't need to be professional gamer. You can play simple games too. And if you are professional gamer then you can try Their hardcore gaming too.
Websites :

3. Transcribing

In simple Words, Transcribing means to convert a video or audio file into text. Speech-to-text is called Transcribing.
Same way there is Translation. It means to convert a file from one language to another.
Captions is one of them too. Captions are subtitles of an video or movie.

To Do this jobs, you don't need any degree or qualification. If you know any language may be it is regional, you can work here. There are many sites which hires for such kind of work.
Like, This site has ability to pay you $30 per hour.

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