BB ki Vines Dhindora Trailer trending on twitter and YouTube


BB ki Vines Dhindora Trailer trending on twitter and YouTube

One of largest individual YouTuber Bhuvam Bam or BB ki vines popularly knows has released the trailer of his most awaited web series called Dhindora. Bhuvam bam aka BB ki Vines was almost inactive on YouTube about 6 months and busy in shooting his first and best web series Dhindora. Bhuvam Bam further says that he has been working on Dhindora from last 4 to 5 years .

Dhindora - Web series

Dhindora Web series has total 8 episodes which are also listed on IMBD. Dhindora is drama and comedy type of web series. Trailer has been released by Bhuvam Bam on 5 October. Since trailer was released it begins to trend #1 on Twitter and #1 on YouTube India. Bhuvam Bam was surprised to see love and support from his fans as nearly 140k+ people were watching this trailer on premiere. It has now over 2.5 million likes and 15 million views within 4 days of releasing trailer. Trailer crossed 1 million+ likes without 1 to 2 hours.

When will Dhindora Episodes Released

Bhuvam Bam has released trailer on 5 October and its first episode will be released on 14 October 2021. After every week new episode will be available to watch. It will take about whole 2 weeks to release the full Web series om his YouTube channel named as BB KI VINES.

Bhuvam Bam lost his parents due to covid-19 that not only shocked him but entire fans. This web series is also dedicated to his parents. Bhuvam Bam plays major roles in this web series. Make sure to watch Dhindora on 14 October 2021 and enjoy from heart

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