Cop that rules Miami

Miami Cop

Cop who rules Miami

The bad cop who rules Miami has history of exploiting human rights. Captain Javier Ortiz was the cop who rules Miami for 17 years.
Out of which 8 years he was appointed as Fraternal Order of Police in South Florida that made him more close to power.

It is the one of person from police department who has such history of cruel mankind. Captain Javier Ortiz has several complaint about arresting, bullying and physical harassment by people.

About 49 people have complaint about his behaviour towards citizens to the Internal Affairs.
He has made 19 officers to use of force type incident and about $6,00,000 lawsuit settlement to his cruel act towards common people.

To his profile, tons of headlines about his bad works and records has been published. Discrimination on basis of racism and using public police power for ones benefit has made his brutal bad cop in history of police department of South Florida.

Some cases like attacking people and creating violence against common people and serving for wealth lists to his profile.
To his behaviour, Captain Javier Ortiz was suspended for 1 year and examined before serving back for police department. He joined police force back in March.

The examined things were common questions like act towards minorities and protection of their right and keeping city crime free in inviolate way and respect decorum of society.

This are some of rare incident of using power for self benefits but most of public servants work for welfare of people and to this work, they must be respected

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