Bow-and-arrow kills 5 people in Norway


Bow-and-arrow kills 5 people in Norway

5 people were killed in bow-and-arrow attack in Norway. The suspect of this attack is a Danish man. This incident took place in Norwegian town which is located in Kongsberg. It was unusual rare attack on Thursday.
Two people were wounded in this attack. One of this was Off-duty police officer.

To this incident, police reacted and said that They have spread this news because to stop rumour of connection of people who are not linked to this incident through social media.
They gave the nationality of attacker which was Danish man but the identity of person was not publicly released.
The police reported that attack has been planned and executed by single Danish person and no other was connected to it.

This was second most worst attack in Norway since 2011. In 2011, extremist killed 77 people in mass attack at youth camp of teenagers. Attack was carried out for half and hour.
The large area was taken into account in this bow-and-arrow attack including nearby grocery shops. One woman who was present at the most disclosed the event and told that she saw two police officer running at the moment with bows on their hand.
The attack is considered part of terrorism. The attacker was taken in custody and was cooperating with government officers said the police

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