Blue Origin delays space flight

space flight

Blue Origin delays space flight

Jeff Bezos's Blue Origin has delayed its space flight that was giving to take off the earth to space on October 12 due to forecasted winds and unsuitable weather to carry out space mission. Blue Origin will launch Space flight on October 13.

Blue Origin has also reported to carry William Shartner, actor from Star Trek who played role of Captain James T. Kirk , who is 90 years old person . William Shartner will be oldest person to go space.  Blue Origin will Launch its space craft with William Shartner and other crew members in launch of NS-18. The launch is scheduled to 8:30 pm (13:30 GMT)

The journey of Willaim Shartner and other members will pass through Karman Line which is 100 kilometres or 62 miles away from earth and feel the weightlessness due to no gravity for about 4 mins and travel through curvature of planet and then return to Earth. 

Blue Origin once again made people from all parts crazy and excited for second crewed mission of Blue Origin as they invited science friction actor to explore space and inspired generations of astronauts. The flight will be of 10 mins which will surprise all its fans.  Blue Origin will create the history to take oldest man to space and carry out its second Crewed mission for benefit of mankind

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