Best foods to stay healthy

Healthy Food Stuffs

Best foods to stay healthy

You may have done many things to increase your brain power. But healthy body is equally important. So, here are 5 foods that will help you to stay healthy.


Yoghurt is best source of Calcium and Proteins. Protein are crucial in muscle formation while Calcium strengthens our bones.
There many bacteria in Yoghurt that are important for digestive system.

It is said that, Almost all disease start from your stomach. If our digestive system is great, then chances of getting any disease reduces to almost negligible.


Carrot is most important food type for our eyes. Carrot helps us in improving eyesight.
In order to keep our eyes healthy, carrots is a must.


Orange is very good for blood circulation.
Many of families face the problem of Heart. But orange helps in better blood circulation leading to healthy heart.

As Blood Circulation is good, Then the problem of pimple or scars will not be there.


Tomato contains Vitamin A and Vitamin C. Vitamin A is best for Eyes. It helps in improving Eyesight.
While Vitamin C helps in skin glow.

Many of Anti-Ageing creams use tomato in it. This because tomato has vitamin A in it in great amount.


Spinach is very crucial for improving Eye Sight. It contains Vitamin K which helps in strengthening Bones.
Spinach is also very useful for Heart. It controls High Blood pressure.

It contains Magnesium and Zinc which helps in reducing stress. Spinach is also very useful for immune system.
Spinach helps in good sleep. Increases metabolism and also helps in reducing scars and pimples.

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