Alabama Boy Shot While Playing iPad

Gun Pointing

Alabama boy shot While Playing iPad

13 years old Alabama teen was brutally shot in his head while he was playing on iPad in his room. The boy was sitting in his room, the bullet from street stroked his head after breaking windows. As per statement given by Tuscaloosa Police Department. 

Parents of Alabama teen had to watch ambulance taking dead body from other side of street as nothing can be done. Police reported the event of teen shooting was 6:20 AM in morning. The shell chasing were found in front of Alabama teen house after incident. The business cards found were temporary source of evidence for investigation. 

Police Department after this brutal murder reacted When adults are shot, its terrible but when small teens are shot for no reason, its taking crime to new level. We all are parents of children and it hits us all hard when we hear this incident.

The neighbouring seller reported the Police as The event was not accidental. It was act of purpose but to shot teen may not be their intention. Police are searching and investigating cars and vehicle at the time of shot. The seller also reported that Killer had shot several bullets to teen that probably can be heard in early morning and drew attention.

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